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Q: Which products do you use?

A: I use a range of products, from stage and screen make-up to good-quality retail brands, depending on the needs of the client. I am not brand-loyal and although Im a Tropic Skincaare Ambassador,  I do not impose a brand image onto you. I pick and choose only products that I think are the best for the job.

Q: I have sensitive skin, so can I still use you?

A: Of course. I carry a number of products designed with sensitive skins in mind. I can advise you on how to begin finding out which product is causing your current reaction, and a consultation would ensure that we had enough time to monitor the effects of any products I use.

Q: You seem to be qualified for Bridal - so how do you do photographic or stage?

A: In order to train for Bridal Make-up Artistry, it was necessary to learn all aspects of make-up and to know how to work with lighting and a photographer. The Bridal Artistry Programme is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists and also qualifies me to work in standard make-up and HD photographic. I also have a wealth of experience working with film-makers and photographers.

Q: What do the initials, 'MGBT' mean?

A: 'MGBT' stands for 'Member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists. Membership is restricted to those who have passed the strictly-regulated Guild-accredited courses and hold relevant qualifications as a result. Only members are allowed to display the letters 'MGBT' after their name. What does this mean for you? Essentially, you can be sure that you have hired an excellent practitioner who will adhere to strict codes of conduct and hygiene and has been trained in their field to a very high standard.

Q: Do you work outside the Bath/Bristol area?

A: Yes. I work throughout the UK. Travel is charged at £15 per hour up to two hours from Bath. for further afield and abroad, please contact me to discuss contracts.

Q: I'm planning a location shoot. Will my make-up for this be very different from a studio shoot?

A: Yes. But don't worry - I am trained to work with photographers and can liaise with yours to check that the make-up designed for you will work with the light temperatures that your photographer will be working with.

Q: Once I've booked a Consultation, does that mean I have to book you for my event?

A: No. You may have a full consultation without any obligation to book me for your event.

Q: How long can you hold a date for?

A: I'm always very busy, so if you need to secure a date with me, plan ahead and book as early as possible. Dates will be secured with a booking fee of 50%.

Q: I'm an older bride - does that make a difference?

A: Age isn't an issue! Every client is different, which is why every look is bespoke-designed to suit. I am trained to work with a range of different skins of varying colours, textures and ages, to make you look stunning, no matter how old you are!

Q: Are you happy to provide make-up for a gay wedding/Civil Partenrship?

A: Of course. Whatever your event, you want to be sure that you're going to look stunning in front of the camera. Your needs and those of your wedding party can be discussed in detail at your Consultation, or if you'd like further information, e-mail me using the Contact Me page.

Q: I suffer from acne - can you still use make-up on me?

A: I can hide the pimples and blemishes with corrective make-up (see the 'acne/interview' model shot in my Portfolio) so that their colour doesn't show. If your acne is severe, it is best to see your GP and/or a dermatologist. They can often provide treatments not available over the counter, designed especially for acne. Make sure you do this at least three months before your event, as treatments can take this long to take effect.

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ)